In which men does a hair transplant work?

As a commercial hair clinic, obviously no ‘No’ is said. But sometimes men have to be disappointed: a hair transplant is not the best solution for everyone. We restrict ourselves to men in this article, the next time we discuss the possibilities for women. Fortunately, about 9 out of 10 balding men can be helped with a hair transplant. The end result depends to a great extent on the initial situation. Put simply, the more hair a man has of himself, the better the result.

Now back to the question from the intro: ‘Who is not suitable for a hair transplant?’ They are 3 types of men.

The younger a man is, the more he usually loses if he suffers from the general male form of baldness. Our advice? First try to achieve stabilization by adjusting the diet, using the shampoo, minoxidil and possibly considering medication such as finasteride. If stabilization is achieved, a more sustainable result is possible. The existing hairs together with the new hair will ensure a lasting improvement. If the hair loss continues, the net result of a treatment is often disappointing.

Unrealistic expectations can get in the way of a good result. Men often give photo material. They want to look like in their teens or as famous men who have no problems with hair loss. Sometimes it is possible to look at it as their example, but sometimes the baldness is too advanced to realize 100% density. As a hair clinic, we strive for 100% customer satisfaction. If we find that men have unrealistic expectations, then we try to adjust these expectations. If that does not work, then it may happen that we refuse a man’s treatment.

Have a treatment – hair transplantation – be performed?

A hair transplant for men is something that happens more and more often. After all, men are more likely to suffer from baldness than women. You can also wish a hair transplant for beard and whiskers as a man. This is also called beard hair transplantation. Nowadays, even eyelash transplants are performed. In hair loss, the hair transplant treatment can offer a solution for men. Knowing more? Then read on quickly.

Scalp / FUT hair transplant men

In a “scalp hair transplantation men” often use is made of the so-called FUT method. The abbreviation FUT stands for Follicular Unit Transplantation. With this method, a strip of hair follicles (grafts) at the back of your head is removed. These are then transplanted to the balding spots on your head. With this method you can transplant up to 2,000 grafts per treatment. An important disadvantage of this hair transplantation method is that a scar appears on the back of the head.

Research has shown that there are many people who are looking for “hair transplantation men” and FUE hair transplant men. “If you only have small areas that you want to cover with hair or perhaps a large surface area, you can also opt for the so-called FUE method at hair transplantation men With this method, the area on the back of your head, where the grafts are located, is shaved and the hair follicles, also known as grafts, are removed one by one and implanted elsewhere on your head.

Differs FUT hair transplantation in men and FUE hair transplantation men

With the FUT method you keep a scar on the back of your head. However, this is covered with hair again. Keep in mind that the hair should be long enough to fall over it. With the FUE method the scar tissue is virtually invisible. The price differences between the FUE and FUT method generally differ very little. Moreover, the FUT hair transplantation method in men is less and less performed. The number of hairs that can be transplanted is about the same for both methods. This depends, among other things, on the experience of the treating physician and the medical team.

Hair transplantation experiences men

It is very normal nowadays to seek out experiences from people who have gone before you. This also applies to hair transplant men’s treatment. Among other things, there are extensive hair transplantation experiences of men on the Haarweb forum. We recommend that you always study these experiences properly. In this way you can get an impression of the clinics where you could possibly perform the hair transplant as a man (and a woman).

Hair transplantation men: know more?

Would you like a hair transplantation treatment for men? At many clinics it is now possible to schedule a free and no-obligation consultation. The medical specialists will gladly inform you about the possibilities for your personal situation. Of course you can ask all your questions during the consultation, for example about the costs and the treatment procedure for a hair transplantation treatment for men. In addition, inquire about the guarantees that the clinic can offer. Do you have any questions about a hair transplant treatment before planning a consultation? Then study good the website of the Hair Foundation.

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