Hemorrhoids Cure With Natural Remedies

As you regularly suffer from hemorrhoids you know how annoying and painful they are . Fortunately, they often go away again, but there are many ways to promote healing. Personally I am a big advocate of natural resources, because they are available everywhere and have no unpleasant side effects.
In this article I will discuss my own natural remedies to effectively remove hemorrhoids .

Coconut oil

I am very much in favor of coconut oil and have written an article about it for the treatment of fungal infections and even herpes .
But does coconut oil also work against hemorrhoids?

Scientifically there is no evidence, but many people swear by coconut oil because of the ” good fats ”.

Many people think that coconuts are not healthy because they are 85% saturated fats . However, the saturated fats from coconut oil are not animal, so they are not that bad for you! The molecular composition of coconut oil is also different from that of most saturated fats. He is often much shorter. The advantage of this is that the fat is usually not stored in the fat cells, but is directly burned.

In addition, coconut oil promotes good cholesterol and is a strong anti-viral and anti-bacterial agent.

Even more important is the fact that coconut oil can stop blockages.
Many people with hemorrhoids have a problem with digestion and a few teaspoons of organic coconut oil per day can certainly help.

By coconut oil you reduce the chance of constipation. This also reduces the chance that you push an internal hemorrhoid outwards.

Finally, you can also apply coconut oil directly to the hemorrhoid with a cotton pad. Just every day twice a day for a few days.
This alone must be enough to reduce the dry rough feeling.

Apple Cider Vinegar

A fairly well-known natural product is apple cider vinegar and you can get this at the health food store. As a health researcher, I often come across this drug as a solution for various complaints.
Apple cider vinegar is mainly used in skin conditions.

In hemorrhoids the drug has also proven itself by applying it directly to the hemorrhoid . According to many, this is the number 1 medicine against hemorrhoids on the market.

It is recommended to also apply a few drops of apple cider vinegar on a pad after you have taken a bath. It may be that you will feel something after applying, but this should not take too long. It is best to repeat this process several times a day, until the pain has disappeared and the hemorrhoid has shrunk.

If the pad does not stay in place, you can also use a panty liner. This has the advantage that there is a sticky edge that you can stick to your underwear.

Dietary fibers

One of the underlying causes of recurrent hemorrhoids is a problem with your digestive system . Because the stool does not run smoothly, there is an unnecessary amount of pressure and hemorrhoids can develop.

To eliminate this problem (also with existing hemorrhoids), it is important to support your digestion extra.

A good means for this is dietary fiber. Dietary fiber works best in combination with a lot of water. That is why it is extra important to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water a day. This is about 1.5 to 2 liters of water per day.

Now there are 2 different types of dietary fiber. The so-called soluble and insoluble dietary fibers. Digestible dietary fibers can be completely dissolved by the body. Think of rye bread, oats, carrots etc. The advantage of this is that these digestible fibers help your body to absorb as many nutrients as possible in your body.

Insoluble fibers can not be dissolved and leave the body again with the bowel movements. This has the advantage that the bowel movement is softer. The fibers also absorb water and LDL cholesterol, which makes everything that gets more fluid. This prevents dry and hard stools.

My personal favorite insoluble fiber is linseed and I take every day a bit to keep my bowel movements supple.

Enough movement

Another problem that many people suffer from constipation and hemorrhoids is that they do not exercise enough. Your body needs movement for a good running bowel movement. That is why it is important to move for at least half an hour every day.

For example, I know someone who, if he suffers from constipation, goes for a stroll and almost immediately gets rid of it again. You do not even have to exercise intensively, but just walking is also sufficient. By making it a challenge to do this every day for 30 days, you can easily make a habit of it. Then it goes almost automatically.

Another nice way to get your bowels to work is to do yoga. Especially with yoga spins it can help to reduce constipation . It is almost literally wringing out your body ??

Not only a half-hour of exercise per day is important, but also the avoidance of prolonged sitting or prolonged standing. Therefore try to use a timer so that you run at least every hour. Even if only to the coffee machine in the department of your work.


By following the above four tips you will undoubtedly notice an improvement. So drink more water, eat more fiber and use coconut oil and apple cider vinegar to treat external hemorrhoids.
In any case, make sure that you move sufficiently and start with a high-fiber diet. By supplying your body with sufficient fiber you will suffer from hemorrhoids complaints much less quickly.

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