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To Lose Weight? Start with your Head

It is so easy to say: lose weight, you just have to do it. But how do you change your diet if everything in your system is focused on your current way of eating? How do you fight the irrepressible need for chocolate, chips, fries and other snacks? And what if there is more going on and you are, for example, an emotion-eater.

Change behavior

It requires will power and discipline to lose weight. You start with good courage. You have set yourself a goal: so many kilos over so many months. Maybe you start with others, such as weight watchers, or follow a popular diet, under the guidance of a dietitian or just on your own with information from the internet. Maybe you are an emotion-eater, perhaps you have always eaten fat from home and did not know better until recently, or just love good food and you can not stop when you start. Just as well as the cause of overweight can be diverse, the reason for wanting to be healthy can also differ.

Anyway: if you want to lose weight, you will not only have to eat differently. If you want to increase your chances of staying healthy in the long term, you will also have to work on your way of thinking and your behavior when it comes to eating.

Balance at healthy weight

When someone has a healthy weight and eats healthy, you could say that everything that plays a role in the body when eating food is in balance. Someone apparently eats enough calories (energy) when the body needs it. Everyday too much energy would mean that someone arrives, getting too little energy every day would mean someone falls off. The signals that the body gives about eating food are apparently also in balance: ‘hungry’ when the body needs energy, ‘full’ when the body has enough inside to function properly. The role of the hunger and satiety center in the brain also plays a role, giving these signals “full” and “hunger”. The behavior around food also provides a healthy supply of food,

Eating behavior out of balance

When someone is overweight, otherwise healthy and there is no medical cause for the predominance, the system is no longer in balance. The signals for ‘full’ and ‘hunger’ are no longer valid, but often people have also learned about eating behavior that feels normal and self-evident. Your brain also adapts to this. For example, you might see it as a smoker after dinner feels the need to smoke: a habit that rewards your brain with a good feeling. That way it can also work with food. In short: what you get in your head as hungerare actually signals that are not correct. Your brain is fooling you. You might see it if your system around food is disturbed, but you feel like a normal system. In other words, you have become accustomed to these signals and thoughts about food. But as long as you give in to these thoughts, you maintain your excess weight .

Against your feelings

If you are aware of this, and realize that the signals regarding eating are not the right ones to reach a healthy weight, you may be better off against this. Because this means that in fact you have to go against your feelings. You will have to eat on reason. And your mind follows the method you have chosen to slim down. By being constantly aware of this, you can better recognize those wrong signals to want bad nutrition. This requires some discipline and willpower, but you need it for weight loss anyway. There are no miracle pills, no faster methods (at least no healthy faster methods) and there is no one who will do it for you. But if you realize that you have learned a wrong way of thinking about food (for whatever reason), you are better able to do something about it. By constantly listening to your mind, you can teach yourself different behavior so that in the future you will continue to eat healthy according to your feelings. When that is in your system, it is easier to keep this up and you eventually get used to it.

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New Method Offers Hope in Battle Against Hair Loss

The average person loses about a hundred hairs per day. If you lose more, you suffer from hair loss. Urgent time for solutions!

The causes of hair loss

It is normal for you to lose hair every day, but if you actually notice that you lose more hair than normal, you should do something. To come to the desired solution, you must first know the cause of your hair loss. These causes can vary because certain causes for hair loss apply only to women and others only to men.

Causes of hair loss in men

The hormones are usually the culprit in hair loss in the man. It is called baldness or alopecia androgenetics. The male hormones (testosterone) will accelerate the hair cycle, resulting in more hair loss. But there are other factors that may also occur in the woman.


Causes of hair loss in women

Although hair loss is often much more drastic in men, women can also suffer from hair loss. Also in women this is usually of hormonal origin (estrogen). In women, however, this is in certain periods of their lives. For example, one third of women start to lose hair during menopause. But it can also occur at a younger age, sometimes even in puberty.

Causes of hair loss in men and women

There may also be other causes of hair loss as mentioned earlier. Hair loss can for example be the result of medicines that you have to take for one reason or another. Therefore, be sure to look at the package leaflet of the medicine and ask your pharmacist or doctor for another medicine that can not cause hair loss. But certain diseases can also cause hair loss. Finally, an unbalanced diet can also cause hair loss.

Solutions against hair loss

Nowadays, there are enough effective means available to combat or slow down hair loss. But letting your hair grow back is more difficult than slowing down hair loss. That is why it is better to go to a specialist or dermatologist as soon as you notice that you lose more hair than normal. Below I have listed the possible solutions:


There are medicines to slow down hair loss and to stimulate hair growth. As with all medicines, side effects can also occur. These side effects do disappear when you stop taking the medication. In addition to medication for oral use, there are also lotions that stimulate hair growth. The big negative is that you have to apply the lotions daily on your scalp. If you forget that one day, you risk the chance that it will fall out again.

Fruits and vegetables

Fruits and vegetables contain masses of vitamins like everyone else. Especially vitamin A, C and E are good to slow down hair loss, because they are useful against free radicals. As you get older, you produce more free radicals. Furthermore, sulfur is also good against hair loss. That is why it is good to occasionally eat some garlic or onion.


Pollen in the form of capsules would yield very good results. After all, it contains minerals and essential amino acids. You just have to take it with water and this twice a day.

Olive oil

Olive oil is a fat substance but a useful hair loss. After all, it contains vitamin E and also ensures that other vitamins can be absorbed

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