The hormone testosterone is one of the more famous hormones that your body produces. Not strange, because it has various functions that you simply cannot do without! Certainly for boys’ puberty, testosterone is essential. But even if you are a little older, you need it, for example for muscle building .

It is therefore important to keep your testosterone level high when you are intensively involved in power sport! But how exactly do you do that, increase your testosterone without the need for anabolic steroids? We will elaborate on that in today’s blog article! My BeardGuy – Select the best beard trimmer

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is also popularly called ‘the male hormone’. That is not entirely justified: women actually produce testosterone. However, that is much and much less than what men produce. It is therefore understandable that testosterone is primarily associated with men.

The hormone is also primarily intended for building up typical male traits. In puberty it ensures that your voice is lowered and that you get beard growth and body hair. It is also further linked to, for example, libido, emotional moods and therefore muscle growth. A hormone that has to do with almost everything, in short!

Disadvantages testosterone deficiency

Why is it so good for many people to increase their testosterone? Especially at a later age many men suffer from relatively low testosterone levels. And that has unpleasant consequences on many different levels! First of all, you get more trouble building muscle mass , or you even lose the muscles that you already have.

The build up of fat on the abdomen and chest becomes stronger. You experience mood swings and you feel lifeless or even depressed. Finally, a testosterone deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction and lower libido in general. Do you recognize these symptoms in yourself? Then increasing your testosterone is probably a very wise idea!

Symptoms of too little testosterone

If you suffer from the symptoms below, the cause may be a testosterone deficiency .

Loss of muscle mass
Mood swings
More fat, especially around the belly and chest
Less fancy sex
Erectile dysfunction
Depressive feelings
Low self-confidence
Little hair

Increase Testosterone

Many people associate raising your testosterone with all sorts of illegal and dangerous substances. Fortunately that is not so bad. Indeed, there are simply natural methods to stimulate the production of this important hormone. We give you six practical tips to help you restore testosterone levels.

Strength training

As mentioned, testosterone stimulates the build-up of muscle tissue. However, it is also the other way around: when you do a lot of strength training , that stimulates the production of testosterone. Another benefit of strength training is that it increases the chance of being overweight reduces because you burn more fat. And being overweight also often goes hand in hand with a low testosterone level.

A good idea to dive into the gym, in short. In particular, opt for compound exercises . Because they appeal to many more different muscles, the hormonal response is much stronger. In addition, for stimulating your testosterone, you should opt for considerably heavy weights. You then make fewer repetitions, but that’s no problem!