Are you a man and do you have ‘tits’? Here are three simple tips for getting them away

How to get rid of the slammed ‘man boobs’ that many men get? Here are three tricks you need to know to avoid becoming a male breast bomb. is there a cure for gynecomastia

Male breasts, or as a doctor would call it ‘gynecomastia’, actually hit half of all men. This is because the hormones are in imbalance and men have more estrogen (the female hormone) than androgen (which increases the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone). But one can actually get the men’s bridges to disappear in no time if you make a few changes to their lifestyle.

Here are three tips on how to get a flat breast:

1. Cut down on splashes

Not only does alcohol damage your waist due to the high calorie content of alcohol, but alcoholic drinks also give you a ‘bleeding breast’.

Alcohol intake produces a suppression of testosterone.

2. Don’t go on drastic dieting

You should not go for a diet and massively cut down on the calories in an attempt to throw fat. It is bad for men’s breasts in the long run because it can reduce testosterone levels and kick-start re-feeding syndrome.

This condition occurs when men go to cure and then return to a normal diet. Instead, eat a healthy diet instead of changing food habits from one day to the next.

3. Train the torso

A fitness center trip can help regulate your hormones and make your ‘man boobs’ disappear. Bench press is good because the breasts are moving.

Not only does bench press hone your breast, but it also increases the testosterone level.