Increase Testosterone!

The hormone testosterone is one of the more famous hormones that your body produces. Not strange, because it has various functions that you simply cannot do without! Certainly for boys’ puberty, testosterone is essential. But even if you are a little older, you need it, for example for muscle building .

It is therefore important to keep your testosterone level high when you are intensively involved in power sport! But how exactly do you do that, increase your testosterone without the need for anabolic steroids? We will elaborate on that in today’s blog article! My BeardGuy – Select the best beard trimmer

What is testosterone?

Testosterone is also popularly called ‘the male hormone’. That is not entirely justified: women actually produce testosterone. However, that is much and much less than what men produce. It is therefore understandable that testosterone is primarily associated with men.

The hormone is also primarily intended for building up typical male traits. In puberty it ensures that your voice is lowered and that you get beard growth and body hair. It is also further linked to, for example, libido, emotional moods and therefore muscle growth. A hormone that has to do with almost everything, in short!

Disadvantages testosterone deficiency

Why is it so good for many people to increase their testosterone? Especially at a later age many men suffer from relatively low testosterone levels. And that has unpleasant consequences on many different levels! First of all, you get more trouble building muscle mass , or you even lose the muscles that you already have.

The build up of fat on the abdomen and chest becomes stronger. You experience mood swings and you feel lifeless or even depressed. Finally, a testosterone deficiency can cause erectile dysfunction and lower libido in general. Do you recognize these symptoms in yourself? Then increasing your testosterone is probably a very wise idea!

Symptoms of too little testosterone

If you suffer from the symptoms below, the cause may be a testosterone deficiency .

Loss of muscle mass
Mood swings
More fat, especially around the belly and chest
Less fancy sex
Erectile dysfunction
Depressive feelings
Low self-confidence
Little hair

Increase Testosterone

Many people associate raising your testosterone with all sorts of illegal and dangerous substances. Fortunately that is not so bad. Indeed, there are simply natural methods to stimulate the production of this important hormone. We give you six practical tips to help you restore testosterone levels.

Strength training

As mentioned, testosterone stimulates the build-up of muscle tissue. However, it is also the other way around: when you do a lot of strength training , that stimulates the production of testosterone. Another benefit of strength training is that it increases the chance of being overweight reduces because you burn more fat. And being overweight also often goes hand in hand with a low testosterone level.

A good idea to dive into the gym, in short. In particular, opt for compound exercises . Because they appeal to many more different muscles, the hormonal response is much stronger. In addition, for stimulating your testosterone, you should opt for considerably heavy weights. You then make fewer repetitions, but that’s no problem!

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We swing and pull the hams at home

The dream of many – a slim and smart body, but what if you don’t have the tools and extra time to go to the gym? Departures can be home exercises and buy a simulator. How to pump up the buttocks at home and find the shape of your dreams will tell you our article.  Buttock Enhancement Cream

Exercises for hams at home
Squats – The Right Tips to Make
Falls with a platform
Static draft with dumbbells
Bridge with platform and without it
Walking on the hams
Position on the stomach
Squeeze the ball with the hips

Classes in the gym

The optimal result can be obtained by regular visits to the training simulator. If there is an opportunity to perform a better exercise under the supervision of a trainer, who will suggest the perfect exercises and training devices for legs and hams.

Any strain requires careful planning so don’t neglect the basic rules of successful training.

How to Practice:

Be sure to preheat the muscles . This rule applies not only to beginners but also to professional athletes. Perform a simple set of exercises to reduce the strain and painful exercise. The duration of the training is at least 15 minutes. Excellent fit for these purposes, swinging legs and hands, practicing on an ellipse and easily running on the path. easiest way to give you perfect butt shape

You can’t breathe . This is a common mistake that can lead to unpleasant conditions. It is necessary to change exercises with inhalation exhalations as they have recorded intervals on individual sensations. Usually the following algorithm is used: tensioned muscles follow by inspiration, by exhalation – to relax.

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Losing Weight without Exercising in Simple Steps

Everyone actually knows that exercising is very good for you. If you are able to exercise a few times a week, then I only applaud that. Unfortunately, this is not for everyone due to different circumstances. Visit – WeightyZ, help you reach your ideal weight

In this article I describe a method to make weight loss possible without exercise.

I give you a plan that you can apply so that you can easily lose 20 pounds. Not only a healthy weight is achievable, by following the 7 steps you can experience even more health benefits including

More energy
Preventing type 2 diabetes
Less risk of cardiovascular disease
A better immune system

Nutrition vs Sports

You would think that you burn the most calories through exercise. However, your muscles burn only a small part of the calories that you ingest.

About 80% of your energy needs go to your heart, lungs, brain, immune system and other bodily functions. This is called your basal metabolism.

You don’t have to exercise for your basal metabolic rate. Your body ‘spends’ the calories every day on your basal metabolic rate to keep you alive.

Losing weight without exercising is a matter of increasing your basal metabolic rate (by following the tips below) and reducing the number of ‘bad’ calories you get.

For your health, it is advisable to exercise at least 30 minutes a day. This can also be very accessible, for example by walking, cycling, swimming, climbing stairs, etc.

Sugar, the biggest culprit

In the Netherlands we consume an average of 122 grams of sugar per day, while a healthy dose is a maximum of 25 grams of sugar.

Our meals consist largely of sugars and carbohydrates. Carbohydrates such as white rice, bread, pasta behave the same in your body as refined sugars.

These amounts of sugars and carbohydrates have a negative effect on your blood sugar level. Your body stores unwanted fat because of the peaks and troughs in your blood sugar level.

With fluctuating blood sugar levels it is almost impossible to lose weight. Even if you run 10 km fast every day, losing weight is extremely difficult if your blood sugar level is not stable.

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Are You a Man and do you have ‘Tits’?

Are you a man and do you have ‘tits’? Here are three simple tips for getting them away

How to get rid of the slammed ‘man boobs’ that many men get? Here are three tricks you need to know to avoid becoming a male breast bomb. is there a cure for gynecomastia

Male breasts, or as a doctor would call it ‘gynecomastia’, actually hit half of all men. This is because the hormones are in imbalance and men have more estrogen (the female hormone) than androgen (which increases the production of the male sex hormone, testosterone). But one can actually get the men’s bridges to disappear in no time if you make a few changes to their lifestyle.

Here are three tips on how to get a flat breast:

1. Cut down on splashes

Not only does alcohol damage your waist due to the high calorie content of alcohol, but alcoholic drinks also give you a ‘bleeding breast’.

Alcohol intake produces a suppression of testosterone.

2. Don’t go on drastic dieting

You should not go for a diet and massively cut down on the calories in an attempt to throw fat. It is bad for men’s breasts in the long run because it can reduce testosterone levels and kick-start re-feeding syndrome.

This condition occurs when men go to cure and then return to a normal diet. Instead, eat a healthy diet instead of changing food habits from one day to the next.

3. Train the torso

A fitness center trip can help regulate your hormones and make your ‘man boobs’ disappear. Bench press is good because the breasts are moving.

Not only does bench press hone your breast, but it also increases the testosterone level.

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Start the day with Lemon +4 other New habits that make you Healthy

That is what you do for and against your body every day and every week that can really be read on the health account. Vanes. Both the good and the bad. Here, health expert Tor Andersen shows you seven concrete habits that, with a little effort, make the big difference.


1: Sleep Seven hours a Night


Therefore: It is not fun that you are encouraged to sleep for seven to nine hours a day. While sleeping, the body puts in several cognitive processes and cleans, among other things, the waste materials that have accumulated in the brain during the day.

Sleep deprivation can lead to several serious challenges. If you don’t sleep well – or not at all – over a period of time, you will experience problems with short-term memory, concentration and your learning ability. Small tasks will feel insurmountable and you will be significantly more forgetful than you usually do.

Lack of sleep can even accelerate the development of dementia. Seven to nine hours of continuous sleep each night will boost your immune system, give you more energy and make it easier for you, for example. to lose the extra pounds

How to do it: You get the best sleep if you go to bed at around 10 pm, depending on when you have to get up, of course. If necessary, take a warm bath before going to bed. The idea of ​​the bath is that it makes you feel relaxed and “cheat” you tired.

During sleep, body temperature falls naturally, and some researchers believe that when body temperature is raised artificially just before bedtime, e.g. At a bath, it will automatically drop as you crawl into the bunk and it will make it easier for you to fall asleep.

Another tip is to clear your mind and focus on breathing. Take a series of deep breaths and breathe heavily. After a few minutes, you will feel more relaxed and drowsy.

2: Start the day with lemon

Therefore: Vitamin C is the king for your health, and lemon is one of the best sources to cover your daily needs. Just half a deciliter of the sour juice is needed, and you can advantageously mix it in a glass of water and start the day by taking it.

Vitamin C strengthens the body’s immune system, which protects you from bacteria, and lemons are rich in potassium, which is good for the brain and nervous system. The combination of water and lemon also helps your digestion and awakens your bowel system after a long night of fasting, making you feel faster hunger before having a healthy and energizing breakfast.

How to do it: Start by squeezing the juice of a lemon when you wake up in the morning – please choose the organic kind to avoid the pesticides that are in conventional citrus fruits. Then fill the glass with boiled water cooled to a lukewarm temperature and drink the mixture.

Lemon juice is not good for the enamel on the teeth, and therefore it is a good idea to rinse the mouth with water afterwards and wait approx. 30 minutes brushing teeth. And no, even though it would probably be a delicious lemonade, so don’t be tempted to add sugar.

3: Cheat yourself for movement

Therefore: The National Board of Health recommends 30 minutes of physical activity each day to prevent cardiovascular and other lifestyle diseases and to strengthen your heart and brain. And it is backed up by several studies that show that physically active rarer is affected by disease, just as mortality is also lower than among physically inactive.

The risk is actually close to halved in the most active. Increasing the physical activity level is even related to middle-aged and elderly people, along with a reduction in morbidity and mortality.

Here’s how : Physical activity is all kinds of movement that increases energy metabolism. It can be deliberately targeted, regular physical activity as well as when you go to the gym, or more unstructured activity.

In other words, this means that part of everyday physical activities and common tasks also include, such as when you cycle or go to work or the supermarket, when you take the stairs over the elevator or solve physically strenuous tasks in the home as gardening or cleaning. Yes, even if playing actively with your children means that you put movement currency into the health account. Win-win for you AND your children.

So make it a new habit to sneak motion into everyday life, wherever you can get away with it. It is especially important for those who do not know how to commit to a fitness membership or find it difficult to get a few weekly runs into a busy calendar.

4: Get a green fix every day

Therefore: Vegetables contain a lot of vitamins, minerals, fibers and antioxidants that your body needs. Vegetables strengthen and protect and, among other things, prevent cholesterol from setting as plugs in the blood vessels, as well as preventing the immune system and reducing the risk of colds during the cold winter months.

Last, but not least, a reasonable consumption of green can help to reduce both physical and mental stress if you periodically suffer from it.

How to do it: Think green at all the meals of the day. Of course, there must still be room for meat and fat, but try to let the vegetables play the main role on the plate. Based on the hot meal of the day on vegetables and preferably those in season.

The season’s green tastes both better, is more nutritious and has the added bonus effect that they are also often cheaper. Good and easy dishes could be wok dishes, coarse salads and cooked dishes.

You can also get your green fix by starting the day with a green smoothie. For example, try to mix spinach, broccoli and avocado with kiwi and lemon as well as a tablespoon of good coconut, flaxseed or olive oil. Then you come healthy from the start.

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10 Signs that you are Missing Vitamin D

Did you know that 43% of people lack vitamin D? The symptoms can be many, and often we do not associate them with vitamin deficiency. Look here, which genes may be due to lack of “sunshine vitamin”.

vitamin d

1. You always get sick

If you constantly catch a new infection to you, this may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency. World Famous researchers, as the first in the world, have discovered that our immune system is dependent on vitamin D to work optimally.

2. You’re tired of tired

We can all be tired, but if you feel that you have to leave for a long time, this may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency. You know that there is a connection between that, poor sleep and extreme fatigue.

3. You have back or lower back pain

If back or thighs continue to hurt without a clear cause such as exercise, heavy lifting, or menstruation, this may be due to vitamin D deficiency. Too little can cause weak and tired muscles, which can lead to back pain.

4. It hurts “in the bones”

Do you remember the feeling of growing as a child? It hurts completely “into the bones”. As an adult, there may be signs of vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D plays a major role in the body’s absorption of calcium from the intestine, where it ensures that the right amount is present to keep the bones straight.

5. You have wounds that do not want whole

If you have wounds that do not want whole, this may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency. Studies have shown that there is a tendency for wounds to heal better when we receive a daily supplement of vitamin D.

6. It thins into the hair

You may find that there are many hairs in the hairbrush or drain. It may be due to many things, but may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency. A 2013 study by the Cairo University showed that women who lost much hair had significantly lower levels of iron and vitamin D in their blood.

7. Your mood is not to be controlled

If your mood whips up and down and PMS is not the culprit, it may be due to vitamin D deficiency. Studies have shown a correlation between depression and lack of vitamin D, and if you walk around with winter depression, it may not be due to lack of light, but also a lack of vitamin D.

8. You feel weak

The muscles can be heavy and tired to a degree, so you get pain especially the thighs, the calves and the bottom of the back, and it can be heavy just to lift your arms. It may be a sign of vitamin D deficiency because the vitamin is necessary to ensure that our muscles can function normally.

9. You have difficulty remembering

Does it often slip into memory? You probably shoot the blame on the bustle, but it can also be due to lack of vitamin D. Vitamin D deficiency is associated with both dementia, Alzheimer’s and cognitive problems.

10. You often have headaches

If you suffer from chronic headaches, this may be due to lack of Vitamin. It is not a migraine, but the feeling of a lid around the head that tightens. A Finnish study has shown that the chronic headache is worst in the winter months, and the study participants, who suffered from frequent or chronic headaches, typically had a low level of vitamin D.

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Hemorrhoids Cure with Natural Remedies

Hemorrhoids are very painful, swollen veins in the rectum, which can bleed in more severe cases. Hemorrhoids are often accompanied by constipation. There are various home remedies against hemorrhoids that can relieve the pain, such as ointment against hemorrhoids.


Anyone who has had hemorrhoids knows what a hellish pain they can cause. Hemorrhoids are swollen veins in the rectum which can bulge out of the anus and start to bleed. Hemorrhoids can occur both on the inside and the outside of the anus. Hemorrhoids are often caused by constipation. When people suffer from constipation, people often press extra hard to get rid of the stools. This will put more pressure on the veins and bleeding hemorrhoids may occur.


Oil sitting bath : if you have very painful hemorrhoids, an oil sitting bath can relieve the pain. Add 2 drops of cypress oil, 2 drops of chamomile oil and 1 drop of peppermint oil to a water-filled container and sit for five to ten minutes. Then apply a mixture of 10 drops of cypress, chamomile and peppermint oil and 20 drops of vegetable oil to the sore spots.

Ointment against hemorrhoids

Marigold ointment : heat some marigold with the same amount of honey au bain marie and mix well. Then apply some of the marigold ointment to the hemorrhoids after each bowel movement (after washing well) .
Yarrow ointment : mix some melted butter with two-hand dried yarrow and apply this thick mixture to the hemorrhoids after each bowel movement.

Prevent hemorrhoids


Prevention is obviously better than cure. To prevent hemorrhoids it is important that you get enough fresh fruit and vegetables. The dietary fibers in these products help prevent blockage – a major cause of hemorrhoids . Hot and cold compresses and alternating baths can also prevent hemorrhoids by stimulating the local blood circulation.

When to the doctor?

Although hemorrhoids are basically innocent in nature, it is sometimes advisable to pay a visit to the GP. Many people are ashamed of their hemorrhoids, but that is not necessary. After all, hemorrhoids often occur and the general practitioner sees stranger things. When is it wise to go to the doctor for a while? When you find blood or mucus in the stool, it is best to let you check whether there are indeed innocent hemorrhoids. When there is blood through the faeces, contact with the GP is strongly recommended

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To Lose Weight? Start with your Head

It is so easy to say: lose weight, you just have to do it. But how do you change your diet if everything in your system is focused on your current way of eating? How do you fight the irrepressible need for chocolate, chips, fries and other snacks? And what if there is more going on and you are, for example, an emotion-eater.

Change behavior

It requires will power and discipline to lose weight. You start with good courage. You have set yourself a goal: so many kilos over so many months. Maybe you start with others, such as weight watchers, or follow a popular diet, under the guidance of a dietitian or just on your own with information from the internet. Maybe you are an emotion-eater, perhaps you have always eaten fat from home and did not know better until recently, or just love good food and you can not stop when you start. Just as well as the cause of overweight can be diverse, the reason for wanting to be healthy can also differ.

Anyway: if you want to lose weight, you will not only have to eat differently. If you want to increase your chances of staying healthy in the long term, you will also have to work on your way of thinking and your behavior when it comes to eating.

Balance at healthy weight

When someone has a healthy weight and eats healthy, you could say that everything that plays a role in the body when eating food is in balance. Someone apparently eats enough calories (energy) when the body needs it. Everyday too much energy would mean that someone arrives, getting too little energy every day would mean someone falls off. The signals that the body gives about eating food are apparently also in balance: ‘hungry’ when the body needs energy, ‘full’ when the body has enough inside to function properly. The role of the hunger and satiety center in the brain also plays a role, giving these signals “full” and “hunger”. The behavior around food also provides a healthy supply of food,

Eating behavior out of balance

When someone is overweight, otherwise healthy and there is no medical cause for the predominance, the system is no longer in balance. The signals for ‘full’ and ‘hunger’ are no longer valid, but often people have also learned about eating behavior that feels normal and self-evident. Your brain also adapts to this. For example, you might see it as a smoker after dinner feels the need to smoke: a habit that rewards your brain with a good feeling. That way it can also work with food. In short: what you get in your head as hungerare actually signals that are not correct. Your brain is fooling you. You might see it if your system around food is disturbed, but you feel like a normal system. In other words, you have become accustomed to these signals and thoughts about food. But as long as you give in to these thoughts, you maintain your excess weight .

Against your feelings

If you are aware of this, and realize that the signals regarding eating are not the right ones to reach a healthy weight, you may be better off against this. Because this means that in fact you have to go against your feelings. You will have to eat on reason. And your mind follows the method you have chosen to slim down. By being constantly aware of this, you can better recognize those wrong signals to want bad nutrition. This requires some discipline and willpower, but you need it for weight loss anyway. There are no miracle pills, no faster methods (at least no healthy faster methods) and there is no one who will do it for you. But if you realize that you have learned a wrong way of thinking about food (for whatever reason), you are better able to do something about it. By constantly listening to your mind, you can teach yourself different behavior so that in the future you will continue to eat healthy according to your feelings. When that is in your system, it is easier to keep this up and you eventually get used to it.

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6 Tips for Healthy Eating

Many diets rob the body of food, but if you look at creatures in nature you will see that you need to eat regularly Five meals a day helps create the ultimate conditions to burn fat, at the most efficient way and without hunger. If you eat more meals a day, you should also know a little about the portion size for a balanced diet.

If you look at healthy eating three meals a day (or even less with many diets) is not ideal, you can divide your food better over five meals a day.


By eating often you reach the following points:
Eating often prevents hunger and sweating.
Eating often keeps your metabolism going, so that your calories burn more efficiently.
The food is also more efficiently absorbed when you eat regularly.

How much can I eat?

Eating five times a day means that it is important to know how much you can eat in proportion to the size of your body. This is what you need to know to check that section:

You can count calories, but let’s face it, who has the time or the desire to do this? There is an easier way to check this. The trick is the use of your hands. Your diet should fit in the size of your fist or the size of your palms.

Eat 3 times a day no more than you can cover in two hands and eat something twice a day that you can keep in one hand.

Do you want a baked potato? Take one the size of your fist
Do you want fish? Here you take a portion of the size of your palm
Do you want rice? Take a portion in your hand.

Regularly eating small portions ensures that you can enjoy healthy food, lose weight and never be hungry. You will feel healthier and have more energy if your metabolism works as nature intended.

Other healthy diet tricks:
Pure nature
Of course, eat a healthy diet. Only eat high quality fat, carbohydrates and proteins. The trick here is to eat what comes “naturally from the earth” and to avoid additives and sugar.

Make sure you eat breakfast, (the most important meal of the day) and take as many dietary fibers as you can. It also helps you feel full and generally has fewer calories than other foods.

Another trick is drinking a lot of water. A lot of hunger is just thirsty, so drink a lot of water.

To move
Do not forget to train and by this we do not mean hours in the fitness club. Just walk, swim or cycle a few times a week. We are not born to sit still and we are naturally active beings.

Healthy eating made easy

Follow the above guidelines and try to eat 5 meals a day. These diet tips help you burn fat, to feel healthier and fitter and that is what a healthy diet is all about.

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How to Eliminate Pectoral Fat From Men

This is the most important step in a successful diet. Setting up a caloric deficit. But how should this be done? What is the best method? And what are the guidelines for nutrition? A diet falls or stands with a correct design.

The caloric deficit

It is only possible to lose body fat if a calorie shortage is created. This means that you have to eat under the calorie requirement (maintenance). Losing body fat is always a story between the calories that come in and the calories that go out (burned). Also called “kcal in vs. kcal out”.

Setting up a calorie deficit can be done in a number of ways. Every way has advantages and disadvantages and can be suitable in certain situations, or less suitable. In addition, there are a number of different guidelines. Below are the three options:

Small shortage
Moderate deficit
Great shortage

The human body will respond to every diet. From an evolutionary point of view, the body prefers to retain fat mass, than it loses it. The body sees a larger fat mass as a greater chance of survival. Depending on a lot of factors, the body will resist to a certain extent. A number of important factors are:

The current fat percentage of the body
The size of the caloric deficit
The length of a diet

Diet break

A diet break is a two-week period during which no calorie deficit is made. It is intended for two weeks on a diet break care to eat. This is very important to reset the body and normalize the hormones. In this way, there will be a lot less time on a plateau. It also works as a mental stimulant. Depending on the shortage that is created, a different advice will be given.

Small shortage

A small calorie shortage means that up to 15% is consumed under the calorie requirement . (0-15%)

Little hunger
Suitable in almost every situation
Supports performing activities / sports
Better recovery

Slow fat loss
Long-term diets
Difficult progression perceive
Possibly demotivating

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